May 11th, 2021 — Today we announce the proposal for Kava Swap, the Cross-chain Liquidity Hub.

Introducing Kava Swap

What is Kava Swap?

Kava SAFU Funds

What is it?

A rebranding of

September 18th, 2020 — Today we announce the launch of Kava Lend, the world’s first cross-chain money market.

What is Kava Lend?

How does Kava Lend Work?

  1. Supply — You can safely supply your digital assets and earn interest.
  2. Borrow —…

The Kava DeFi Hub


Why is there a Delay?

Background on

Brian Kerr

Co-founder of Kava — Connecting All Things Crypto , a Tennis Enthusiast and Serial Entrepreneur.

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